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Timeline of Events


August 13, 1948: Marie Little Soldier dies from pneumonia (?)

Otherwise thought to have been murdered by Uncle Frank


A short time after Marie's death: Sheriff Wesley arrests his brother, Frank, for the murder or Marie Little Soldier, then locks Frank in his basement rather then the jail to save him (and the family) some embarassment.


David and his family go to his grandparents farm. At the farm Wes talk to Frank about what happened. Frank agress to stop. David kills a magpie. After he kills it he says he feels better.


Grandpa gets angry about Frank and David is sad he wont see Nutty, his horse, again


Grandpa sends four men to the Hayden house to get Frank from the basement


Len helps shoo them away after David's mother shoots at them with her husband's gun


Wesley gets a confession from Uncle Frank, decides not to let him go but to transfer him to jail the next morning.


That night Frank causes a rucus, smashing jam jars all over the place and kills himself.


December 1948: Family gets up and moves to Davids moms parents and the following spring they move to Fargo



David marries a girl named betsy who is a teacher just like himself. Betsy and David go to a Thanksgiving dinner and try to talk about what happened in Montana 1948. Wes gets upset and leaves. The story ends with David sitting at the table alone where his father hit the table after Betsy asked about when David was a child.

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