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David Hayden - 12-year-old narrator- 52 before flashback.

- Wanted to grow up in the country

- Very shy and serious

- Felt he lacked knowledge about living comfortably and unself-consciously.

- Often blamed the town for his shyness and seriousness, wanted to escape as often as he could

- an inward child, felt a contentment [a satisfaction] outside human society that he couldnt feel within it

-life changed because of what happened to his babysitter.

- was 12 when he "grew up"


Marie Little Soldier- house-keeper, babysitter of David

- Came to Mercer County, Montana because of her mother's marriage to Frenchy - was 20 when she came to Montana

- A Hunkpapa Sioux Native originally from the Fort Berthold Reservation in ND

- loved to laugh and talk, great tease, close to 6 feet tall, dresses were either handed down or handed up, wide face and high cheekbones, long straight black hair, David had a crush on her


Marie Little Soldier's Mother- Married a Canadian named Frenchy who owned a bar in Bentrock


Frenchy- Owner of Frenchy's, a dirty run-down cowboy hangout at the edge of town. Was rumored to have an Indian woman locked in his storeroom whom anyone could have sex with for only two dollars


Mrs. Gail Hayden- Lutheran, from Eastern ND in the Red River Valley

- Wanted Wes to be himself and not a Hayden.

- Wanted to move back to North Dakota Concerned about David's values

- Wished for a larger community to raise David in, one not so easily escapable

- Worked as a sceretary in the Register Deeds Office at the courthouse across the street from the Hayden home.

- Devoted Lutheran

- Dies of a heart attack


Mr. Wes Hayden- sheriff, when he was 16 a horse kicked him and left him with a permanent limp

- Serving second term as sherriff

- Born in 1910 in Mercer County

- Moved to Bentrock with his parents and brother in the early twenties

- Grew up on a cattle ranch outside Bentrock

- Father was a sherriff as well

- Not religious

- Dies of Cancer


Mr. Julian Hayden (Grandfather)-

- brought his famiy to town to live in a small apartment when he was serving as sheriff

- "He wanted, he needed, power ... He was a dominating man who drew sustenance and strength from controlling others." (watson 20)

old deputy sherrif of mercer county, rich ranch owner, powerful, white long hair with bushy sideburns, lack of manners, inappropriate at times, uses foul language. is very rude to his one son, David's father. David says many times that it must have been hard for his father growing up with sucha terrible person.

- thinks family is more important than following justice


Enid Hayden (Grandmother) - a thin,nervous woman, who seldom spoke when her husband was present.

-fragile (does not allow bad things to be said when she is around)


Frank Hayden - David's uncle, war hero, doctor, witty, charismatic, charming, rapist, two- faced. He had been a star athlete in high school and college, During WWII on a Pacific Island, he carried three soldiers to safety. He is a killer and committed suicide


Gloria Hayden- Frank's wife, David's aunt, very pretty, blond, petite, from Minnesota


Ronnie Tall Bear - Marie's boyfriend, great athlete at Bentrock High School, Indian, member of the infrantry.  An Athlete: star fullback, high-scoring forward, record-setting track star (on p.26 college is not for Indians)


Ollie Young Bear - graduate of Montana State University Bozeman, deacon at First Lutheran Church, star pitcher of Elks fast pitch softball team, a hero and "The perfect choice for white people to point to as an example of what an Indian could be." Stern, censorious man, tall, barrel chested, broad shouldered, large headed, was involved with Marie Little Soldier, not regarded as important in the indian community.


Doris Strickland - married Ollie Young Bear, white woman


Doris Looks Away - Stops in to see and take care of Marie when the family is out at the ranch


Charley and Ben- two of David's friends, spend time fishing together


Mr. and Mrs. Grindahl - the Hayden's next door neighbors


Len McAuley -   the Deputy sherriff of Bentrock, very respectedAlcoholic, older male, married to Daisy, used to be deputy to the Grandfather and now is deputy to Wesley. Traded sheriff position every 3 years with Julian [Grandfather] Hayden


Daisy McAuley - Len's wife, good friend of Gail Hayden. She is about 60 years old. She also loves to bake all types of foods. She is one of the neighboors to the Haydens.


Maxine Rogers- Wes Hayden's secretary


Flora Douglas - the secretary of the Mercer County State's Attorney office


Dale Paris - a man who works for Julian Hayden as a foreman, comes to the Hayden's house in a truck to try and break Frank out of the basement Grabbed David once and told him to wash his horse.


Mel Paddock - the Mercer County State Attorney. Wes goes to him after putting Frank is prison to see how long he should be in jail. also he tries to keep Frank's arrest a secret.


Miss Schott: citizen of Mercer County; Dave's second grade teacher; once was Frank's patient..possible victim


Mrs. Russell: kleptomaniac from Mercer County


Mr. Russell: president of the bank


Arne Olsen: a farmer, never bathes


Mr. Prentice: band director at the high school, like the boy students better than the girl students


Henry Sandstrom: shot mourning doves, cooked them, and ate them.


Nutty: David's horse (smaller and shaggier than most) who lives on his Grandfather's ranch


Don Young: Bentrock's pharmacist (one of Wes's group he goes to the Coffee Cup with)


Rand Hutchinson: owner of Hutchinson's Greenhouse (in Bentrock) (one of Wes's group he goes to the Coffee Cup with)


Howard Bailey: ran an oil abstracting company (one of Wes's group he goes to the Coffee Cup with)

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